The Contrast Argument

This is my take on the “contrast” argument.

Some people say that light only exists in contrast to darkness; hate only exists in contrast to love; cold only exists in contrast to heat. This sounds somewhat rational, but in my understanding this argument is fundamentally flawed. There is a point at which my eyesight will be blinded by too much light. My eyes know what that point is, and that point has little or nothing to do with whether darkness exists. My body will also freeze to death at a certain point, and again this has little or nothing to do with whether or not heat exists, my body knows what it can handle and what it cannot and the threshold is not in my mind and whether I think cold is real: it’s in the limitations of my body – is it not?

In the same way to argue that good cannot exist without evil or that love cannot exist without hate, only proves that we have never gotten to the core of goodness or love at all, just like I’ve never frozen to death!

I truly believe that love is immutable. It exists without need of contrast, an unchanging, ever-fixed mark.
If we only knew love (and I’m arguing that we fundamentally don’t) then hate would die off just like, when a person freezes to death the heat in their body dies!

By faith, I believe that God is love – even though I’ve barely scratched the surface of experiencing that love. And I believe that whoever the devil is, he has blinded our collective eyes to that love, and he is right now trying to trick us into believing that everything in life boils down to perception and nothing truly “exists” at all. He is crafty and I would caution those who want to believe he doesn’t exist, to beware. He will try to rob your mind of love, hope, good, life etc…. But he can only alter your perception and not your reality, because your existence is IN Christ – which is to be IN true and real love.

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