Amazing Grace How Offensive the Sound

Real grace means that anyone can get away with anything
Because everything is forgiven
God allowed for sin in the world
He permitted it
We sin in front of his eyes every day
Instead of wiping out sin and sinners
God so loved the world that he gave
Love. Forgiveness. Acceptance. Grace.
Grace is offensive because we don’t want to forgive the way that God does.
We don’t want those who have hurt us to go unpunished.
We sit around asking “why?” When we are hurt.
And the only answer is grace.
Why did someone smash my car?
There’s grace for that.
Why did my mum die when she was 48?
There’s grace for that.
Why was I molested when I was 3?
Oh yes, there’s grace for that as well.
Why all the war?
Why the drugs, sex and rock’n’roll?
It’s all grace.
I think that we need to start accepting sin.
Accepting when people sin against us and ourselves when we sin against others.
Forgiving one another for our sins.
Loving one another in the midst of pain, failure, rejection, disagreement, confusion – sin.
But what about anarchy?
What about protecting myself and my family?
What about trying to do right things and be good?
Haven’t you already been trying to control life and people and behaviour ever since you were born?
I know I have, and I continue to try.
Let’s face it: it’s not working!
Grace is the only answer to sin.
Real grace sets people free from sin to become more like their true self which is love.
God is love.
And as he is: so we are in this world
Your identity is LOVE
1 John 4:16-17

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