Who Knows?

To say that I “know” something is to say that I think or feel that something is true.
I feel things based on my perception of reality.
I think things based on my experience of life.
What I believe is based on who I am.
And what you claim, to be right, wrong, good, bad, true or false –
is based on who you are.

This is not absolute because no two people are the same.
No two people’s versions of truth or of “knowing” are the same.
My intuition is different from everyone else’s.
My understanding of the truth is exactly that:

The way I approach God and religion is unlike anyone else.
I can regurgitate what my Pastor teaches.
And I can quote English translations of an ancient Bible.
I choose to believe –
to have faith
But that doesn’t mean I “know”
anything at all.

Let us suppose
that there is truth
outside of personal experience –
thinking, feeling, judging, perceiving, sensing.

Jesus said: I am the way
the truth
and the life – John 14:6
In this Gospel John made his audience: the world
For God so loved the world – John 3:16
The lamb of God who takes away the
sin of the world – John 1:29
And to this world he quoted Jesus saying:
I am in my father
and you are in me
and I am in you – John 14:20

The truth is in me.
The truth is in you.
And the truth has got us wrapped up in Him.

No one can snatch you from my hand – John 10:27
I shall lose none – John 6:39
When I am lifted up from the earth I will draw all people to myself – John 12:32
If anyone hears my words but does not keep them I do not judge that person.
For I did not come to judge the world but to save the world – John 12:17
He will prove the world wrong about sin, righteousness and judgement – John 16:8-11

We can distort the truth,
misinterpret the truth
misrepresent the truth
violate the truth
reject the truth

but the truth will always be living inside us
we will always be swept up in it
and sooner or later
the truth will set us free indeed – John 8:32-36

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