What is my Motivation for being Christian?

I’ve been asked this question a few times in light of the fact that I’m a universalist. What is the point if we are all going to be saved anyway? Why should we “obey” if God forgives unconditionally? Why don’t we just do whatever we want?

For me it is all about relationship. Intimacy. LOVE. I need love outside of myself, my family and my friends. Human love is often so empty in comparison to understanding at a heart level, that I am unconditionally loved and accepted by God.

In extension, when love is my centre, I pursue healthier choices in my lifestyle. I am not motivated by a need for God’s approval, a desire to score points or to “maintain my salvation.” Nor am I motivated by fear of “hell.”

Living in a love-relationship with God produces the fruit of love. God enables me to show more acceptance, forgiveness and love because he has given this to me.

So what is your motivation for being a Christian?

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