Deleted for your Beliefs

Have you been deleted for your beliefs?

I have been deleted off-of facebook accounts by a number of people recently, including Pastors and other Christians I once went to church and Bible studies with. I think the reason is because I am not a traditional Christian and this affects them in some way or other.

I am a Christocentric-Universalist. I believe that Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life that leads to eternity with God, and that he will draw all people to this way, truth and life in the end. I do not believe that all roads lead to heaven, so I am not a “Pluralist-Universalist” but a Christ-centred (Christocentric) one.

I do not believe in traditional hell. I believe that hell is the love of God burning away the lie we believe that he is not strong enough to save us. When we finally surrender to the fact that he alone can save us and we cannot save ourselves; when we put our faith exclusively in him, we move from darkness to light, from living in a state of hell to living in state of heaven.

By revealing this, I feel that I am breaking the rules and facades I was raised to live by, and being more true to who I really am deep down. I am less socially acceptable now because I am being more real. It hurts to only be liked when you hold to a certain set of beliefs, and to be disliked for admitting your heartfelt convictions.

However, with increased rejection from some people, I find a greater level of acceptance from other people as well. By becoming more and more myself, I invite people to be more themselves and I attract the kind of friends who know more about who they are, what they believe and what they want. I have deeper relationships alongside this deeper level of rejection.

So I want to invite you to come on this journey with me in which we mutually respect each other’s opinions and agree to disagree. Let’s explore what we believe and why we are the way we are. Let’s be more honest and open.

Alternatively you can forget that I exist and we will reconcile in the afterlife.

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