Another look at Hell

If God is love and everything he does is loving, then Hell cannot be anything other than the love of God full blast, compelling those in the midst of it to stop trying to put the fire out and instead surrender to its red-hot passion.

If God’s love is unconditional, then it cannot be conditioned or altered by the existence of any Hell.

If God is more unconditionally loving than I am, and I wouldn’t wish eternal damnation on my worst enemy – then why would God?

If God is “a forgiving God” then why are there supposedly, no room for second chances once you die?

If I would go through Hell to help the ones I love, why would God who is love, not go into Hell to come rescue me, whom he loves?

If God would abandon even one soul to eternal, irreversible Hell, he cannot be trusted not to abandon me also.

If God sent his only son to rescue us from sin, then Hell cannot be punishment for those sins – or Jesus epically failed.

There are some universalists that teach that Hell is still a place we go to get “cleaned up” and learn to do good works. I must state emphatically that I am NOT this kind of universalist! If Hell is about learning good behaviour, then why did Jesus die? If Hell is about punishment for sin, then the cross failed. Hell is the opposite of these notions!!!

The law was given: to frustrate our works / self-righteousness (Romans 5:20)

Jesus was given: to forgive the sin of the whole world (John 1:29, John 12:32, Romans 5:18-19) and reveal that we are saved by grace not works (Ephesians 2:6-8)
Judgement day will come so that we can take our eyes off our works and cling to Jesus’ finished work – we are only judged for one “work” if you want to call it that and that is putting our faith in Jesus’ faith and ability to save us (John 6:29)

Hell is provided for the same reason: to take our eyes off our evil self-righteousness and look to Jesus as the Only Saviour, the Only Answer, the Only Grace.

And I believe that all will come to this faith because God’s will and God’s love and God’s faith are stronger than our free-will, love and faith. Our eyes will become open, our blindness healed and our faith restored, whether in this life or the next …

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