Writers Block

Tips for novelists with¬†writer’s block:

  1. Re-read and edit what you’ve already written.
  2. Look for changes that need to be made so that your writing is headed in a climactic direction
  3. Ask yourself whether you need to eliminate a character, add a character or simply spice up the characters you already have and be sure to keep a character profile written down and easily accessible to you
  4. Be your characters. Get inside their heads. Make them as humanly authentic as possible. Think about the stories behind your characters. Maybe you need to add some more information about them into your novel
  5. Take a break from writing, outdoors, in a place that reminds you of one of the settings in your story. Take your notebook or journal and write if you feel lead
  6. Engage your five senses and ask yourself whether the story lacks any important down-to-earth elements
  7. Ask yourself what questions the story raises and how you are going to answer them
  8. Read and watch movies! Other stories can act as your inspiration
  9. Exercise! Go for a walk, swim, do Yoga or Pilates etc. This will get your endorphins pumping which is good for your brain
  10. If necessary, put your writing on hold and go do something else that you love. Play music, paint a picture, do something creative and come back to your book when you are ready

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