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Ephesians 2:8

I just read a discussion about Ephesians 2:8, one of my favourite verses:

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith.”

The verb here εστε σεσωσμενοι is called a periphrastic verb and means not only that we have been saved, but that we are also being saved.

That makes sense to me because we are already saved from death in that we will resurrect, but we are still being saved from sin because it still causes a variety of breakdowns in relationships, it results in disease and abuse here on earth. Salvation is a process and we are still being saved from sin’s affects.

On top of that, this is a passive verb which means that you cannot save yourself, but rather that God is the one responsible for and powerful enough to save you.

As a Universalist-Christian this verse is really exciting because it shows us that God is the one who has initiated salvation and will bring it to completion. So my concern for friends who don’t yet experientially know Jesus, is something I have confidence that He will remedy. Just as He has saved and is saving me, He has saved and is saving the whole of creation

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Who Did Jesus Resurrect on Easter Sunday?

The whole of humanity




Christ died for all therefore all died

And were raised again

In Christ

As new creations

Holy and blameless

With no more cancerous-sin

No more capacity to cease to exist

Now we will live forever

He resurrected the Christians

The Muslims

The Satanists

The Atheists

Every religion

Every denomination

Every race

This will become our reality

When we exit this earth

And move on to the afterlife

We will receive new bodies

Renewed souls

Resurrected spirits

Without the entanglements of this life

And when we see Jesus

Face to face

Whether we knew him on earth or not

We shall be saved

Whether we like it or not

I find it hard to believe that anyone wouldn’t like it


What Did Jesus do on Easter Weekend

He went to visit spirits

In the realm of the dead

And he preached the gospel to them

People who died during Noah’s flood

And presumably all the other souls

That died in Old Testament times

They were asleep

Jesus came to wake them up

From the dead

And he proclaimed them alive in spirit


So he took them to heaven to be with him

People who used to be evil

People who died in their sins

People who never heard the gospel

He saved them too

There is no one outside of his reach!

1 Peter 3:19-22 & 4:6



Why Did Jesus Die on Easter Friday?

The world was dying
We were all dying
Completely dead
Dead as a doornail
We were going to cease to exist
But God said “No!
I will not let you die!
I will rescue you!”
So God became human
Being human, it meant he could die
Being also triune, meant the Holy Spirit would resurrect Jesus
And us!
It is something of a mystery
But the Bible describes it this way:
“One died for all
Therefore all died”
You died today
Easter, 1982 years ago – or thereabouts
You died in Christ
And Christ swallowed up death
In the power of the Holy Spirit
Jesus also came to save us from sin
Sin is like brain-cancer
It makes us believe we are wrong/bad/evil
So then we behave in wrong/bad/evil ways
It makes us believe we deserve to die
And so we die
Jesus came to heal us from the lies
From the disease of sin
From the death that sin causes
So that we can be whole again
Free of sin and free of death
Jesus did not die to save us from hell
Hell was created by God for a purpose
And its purpose will be fulfilled in all our lives
There is no saving from hell
There is only a journey through hell
Through the refiner’s fire
For all of us
Jesus also did not die as an act of punishment from God
Sin is its own punishment
Believing in lies that destroy us
And dying as a consequence
Jesus came to save us from the punishment of sin
Not save us from the punishment of God
That’s just silly
Jesus is God
God was in Christ
And we were in Christ
Humanity and God
Together as one
Being reconciled
That’s why Jesus died on Easter Friday.

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