Elissa Anne loves to write about spirituality, sexuality, family, health and music. She has a degree in Christian Theology, 30ish years of senseless celibacy under her belt (wink), personal experience in weight-loss of 65 pounds, years of professional experience building a business as a piano teacher, and is also a loving daughter, sister, aunt, wife and parent who cared for her terminally ill mother and is raising a child born with a particular impediment.

Her book titles include:

Coven-999: 1994
Coven-999: 2003
Coven-999: 2012

Grace for Sexual Shame: The Obsessed – coming soon
Grace for Sexual Shame: The Abused – coming soon
My Cleft and Coronavirus Babies – coming soon

Holding onto Jesus
Carry me Home
Forgiving You

Originally from the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Australia, Elissa Anne is now in the process of moving internationally to North Carolina, USA, with her husband and children.