Follow Your Heart

This year I have been thinking a lot about the concept of following my heart.

When I was younger I thought that the advice, “follow your heart,” was ridiculous! As far as I was concerned my head and my heart were equally dominant and although they fought, they generally worked together and I essentially followed whatever conclusion they came to.

I was using the word “head” to refer to my thoughts or rationale; and the word “heart” to refer to my feelings or emotions. I basically thought we should try to balance our “heads” and “hearts,” not follow one or the other.

Now, I have come to realise that following our hearts has nothing to do with the war between our thoughts and our feelings, or choosing to follow our emotions over our rationale. Our true hearts are much deeper than our most conscious thoughts, feelings and perceptions.

Our true hearts are peaceful. They are not persuaded by thoughts of how to behave in socially acceptable ways so as to gain others’ love and support. Nor are they motivated by our feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, guilt or even self-righteousness. They follow the path of love and peace.

While the heart acknowledges our thoughts, feelings and perceptions and allows them space to exist, they are quieted by this very acknowledgement. The heart fully accepts that I might feel afraid, and says, “It’s okay to be afraid.” The heart hears the question, “What if I’m doing the wrong thing?” and responds, “You are, always have been and always will be loved.”

That love–the love coming from your true heart or inner self–is actually the love of God for you. In fact I believe that the voice of the heart is the spirit of God within you.

Another thing I have been discovering is that following your heart means being/becoming yourself. It means doing the things that feel healthiest for you. It means being much more honest and therefore breaking down our own facades.

I had a revelation recently that when God revealed himself to Moses from the burning bush and Moses asked him who he was, God said “I AM who I AM.” He didn’t give Moses a name, because if he had, Moses’ perception of God would be limited by whatever name he gave. God essentially said to Moses:


God is not limited to Moses’ perception of him. And no matter how much BS we project onto God, God will always be HIMSELF. God is the truest being. He is always true to himself. He always follows his heart.

He is the heart.

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