Anzac Day Tribute to my Grandfathers

April 25th 2015

Today is a significant day for Australians. 100 years ago, Aussie troops landed in Gallipoli and sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Today people like my Dad and sister (so proud of you guys!!!) are marching to represent my grandfather George Dempsey who fought in WWII. We remember both world wars with regret, much sadness, and particularly with honour & respect toward our brave ancestors who endured and survived these atrocities.

I also remember today my grandfather Lloyd Chilver whose earthly life ended on this day 10 years ago. He was a Pastor, a father & grandfather, he built the house I grew up in (and my mother before me) he was a farmer & gardener, a traveller and explorer.

I honour both of my grandfathers today for their courage, their commitment to their families, their relationships with God, their masculinity & fatherhood, their hard work and Aussie spirit.

I wouldn’t be who I am without these two patriarchs of the family! Their spirits live on in me. I inherited some of their perseverance, ingenuity & zeal for God as well as my Grandad’s nose and my Popa’s long legs!

I love you both George Dempsey & Lloyd Chilver



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